About Us

The Way exists to make and grow followers of Jesus through worship, community and service.


When we fix our eyes on Jesus we can experience great love and power. We believe worship happens in many aspects of our lives. There is a service oriented worship, then there is a praise driven worship. Both are important. Our worship is also one of the ways we grow in Christ and we hope to encourage people to do this together.

What happens on the weekend? The Bible talks about gathering to worship God. We have some examples concerning learning about Him, praying and singing together. There are many ways and times to do this, one way is to attend our Sunday worship to get connected and to take part in what God is doing at The Way.


Christianity is not confined to what happens in a building once or twice a week. We believe community is integral to serving as the body of Christ. Although following Jesus is a personal decision, the journey with Him is best experienced in good company. We are meant to be connected and at The Way we hope to do life together for God’s glory.

Jesus spent a lot of time hanging out with people and talking about God. Following Jesus means doing life together with other people who want to follow Him too. As we grow we hope to be a family you can trust, grow with, and share struggles with. This is one of the reasons we make a point to eat together each week; to build relationships beyond just sitting in a pew together.


The second greatest commandment behind loving God is loving others. The apostle John tells us this should not just happen in just word, but in deed and truthfully. The Way is dedicated to being a missional group that serves locally through a living and active love for others.

We all long to be part of something that makes a difference. God has gifted each one of us with unique abilities and knowledge that can make the world a better place. Using our talents to serve others is one way we can give back to God and learn more about who He is. We think you’ll find that knowing you’re part of an act to serve in Jesus’ name is very spiritually fulfilling and brings you lovingly closer to God.