Online Giving

Online Giving

In response to the COVID-19 distancing, we’ve implemented an online offering box.

CLICK HERE to start giving now

Our ONLINE OFFERING BOX is up and running!!! It ties right to our bank account. There is a small fee on each gift… however if you wish to, there is a checkbox that allows the giver to cover the fee. There is also a checkbox to set up a recurring gift! This can make it convenient for you to give in regular intervals if that is how you wish to help

Just a quick note on the use of the funds. The Way currently is not employing anyone. All of our ministers are working on a volunteer basis. This allows us to use a higher percentage on benevolence and service oriented activities. Our goal is to minister to this congregation to build community, to minister to our neighbors to exemplify faith through love, and to provide an avenue to worship together the one true God of the universe and Jesus, His Son… the Lord and Savior of mankind. And your offerings go directly to the furtherance of that mission. God bless you all.

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