Lightbulb Ministry

Lightbulb Ministry

On March 20th, several of our members teamed up and hit the streets of Savoy along with some of our new friends from the Focus ministry. Our goal was to shed a little light in the darkness by simply meeting our neighbors with lightbulbs in hand. Everyone has a lightbulb or two out at any given time, so it seemed to us that a great small service could be just to offer people a lightbulb or two.

Too many times, door to door ministry efforts are met with disdain as unwanted solicitation. We want to help change that. We believe that evangelism starts with relationships and not a sales pitch. Our members did not “pitch” Jesus at the door. Instead we simply wanted people to know we were here and that we care. Here’s a lightbulb and our contact info, call us with any questions. We’d love to get to know you.

Our first lightbulb outing was a huge success. We met a lot of friendly people and had some good honest conversations. Some of those were about spiritual matters, and some weren’t. The next week we actually got a few calls from people wanting to know more and have started building bridges already with those contacts. Praise God for the simple things. Sometimes we just need to get out of His way and let Him do the work. Sometimes, it’s as simple as giving somebody a lightbulb.

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