Vision Meeting

Vision Meeting

We just concluded our first vision meeting and have come away energized and ready to serve.

We use these meetings to help us organize and plan how we are to move forward together in the Way Jesus has laid before us. Of course, we also acknowledge that we can plan all we want, but God will establish our steps (Proverbs 16:9)

We pray God will lead us in 2016 and give us the opportunity to serve in the ways we discussed. Aside from all the business aspects and getting legal with the State of Texas, etc., etc., the real planning centered on building Christian community in the congregation through worship, studies, meals, singings, and how to encourage discipleship and spiritual growth for all.

We are also excited to be planning service oriented projects in our town. In the following months we hope to organize help for the weak, elderly, poor, and those who need the healing blood of Jesus. We already have many ideas of how to follow Jesus’ steps in healing, feeding, and teaching. We also have a good amount of resources to help us identify “the least of these” in our town. It was very exciting to hear others on fire for being more than just a group who meets on Sunday.

Please pray with us that we will serve God mightily in everything we do. May JESUS receive all glory and praise.